Fine Work, Farmer Fred!

When I started this blog a few months back, I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I was looking to do. At first I intended to write solely for an audience of my own students and parents. Keep the studio folks in the loop, let them know about events and give some practice tips here and there… But when I started sitting down to write, I couldn’t quite find the words or pin down the tone. With more thinking, I realized that what I really needed was a place to share my thoughts and ideas about teaching, and to find a community of colleagues. And so I began to look around a bit, followed a few links, and discovered an absolutely treasure trove! I am sure that my blogroll in the sidebar is just skimming the surface of the amazing music educators who are sharing their ideas, stories and inspirations and the web. Geeky as it sounds, I am excited every morning to check my Google Reader for new posts!

Today was no exception, and here’s what I found! The amazing “Piano Anne” of Pianoantics is hosting a giveaway. It was such a thrill to discover Anne’s blog the other day. She is incredibly creative, tech-savvy, inspirational and of course, the composer of such wonderful pieces as Freddy the Frog, To Fly Like an Eagle and Starfish at Night. I have been teaching her pieces for years and it is just so neat get a glimpse into her world as a teacher and musician.

And that’s how excited I was before I even watched the video!

I love the animations! (and the voices!) What a great way to introduce kids to staff notation and landmark notes! Turns out, Barnyard Friends videos and teaching aids are available for free download. I can’t wait to use the videos with my kids and, giveaway or not, I will definitely be downloading and laminating the Barnyard Board and flashcards. Thank you so much Anne!


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