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Last week, Joy over at Color In My Piano had a discussion on purchasing materials for students. I have tried various approaches, but this year, I discovered a method that has made life easier for me and the parents.

While I wholeheartedly believe in supporting local business, my nearby music stores don’t always carry all the books I need for teaching and have not proven particularly quick in ordering them. So, most of my studio music purchases happen online. (I reduce my guilt over this by periodically going to those local shops and getting thoroughly carried away once I start browsing around!)

I usually purchase teaching materials from They have a huge selection and happen to ship ridiculously fast to where I live  (I may be geographically lucky in this regard since I think they have a warehouse in the area). The website also has teacher rebate accounts- 8% back on purchases. Once a certain rebate amount is reached you can opt to receive it as a check, gift certificate or via PayPal. The really nifty thing is that you can create “music lists” which can be sent via email.

I have been using these lists with great success this year. I send parents a list of the exact books needed for their child. If they prefer to go to a local music store- they know exactly what they need! If they prefer to search for the books on another website such as Amazon, that works too. But the easiest thing to do to simply add all the books to your cart right there and then! An added perk for teachers is that if someone orders straight from your list, it counts toward your teacher rebate. Works for me!

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  1. Thanks Luba, I have been wanting to do this. I keep putting things in my ‘shopping cart’, but I’ve never actually made a purchase from This may be a great solution for my students, even if they do end up going to the local store. Preparing book lists and purchasing material for Fall is a thankless task that requires unspeakable hours. I’m going to try your idea this year.

    1. Hi Anne,
      I hope it works for you! I wonder if their shipping rates to Canada are fairly reasonable? Of course, just having the list all in one place is helpful, even if folks decide to get the actual books elsewhere. Let me know how it goes and good luck with all your planning for next fall.

  2. has free shipping in Canada on orders over $100 (and we all know how easy it is to spend over that at a go!) – and an amazing selection of music. The website is a bit clunky, so you need patience. I just placed my first order there a week ago. I’ve never tried SheetMusicPlus. I looked at Prima Music but the shipping costs to Canada were almost the same as the cost of the entire order.

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